Bakers, be your own boss.

Endless messages, missed pick ups, hunting down payments — you don’t have to run your business this way. We’re here to help. Thousands of bakers log into Castiron daily to send invoices, update their website, build order forms, manage pre-sales, and market their businesses.

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Meet (a few of) the bakers wrangling their businesses with Castiron

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From overwhelmed and stuck to stress-free.

Castiron is the only tool built just for bakers. We’ve talked with thousands of you to understand what’s taking up your time, causing stress, and draining your energy.

Custom bakers love Castiron because we simplify your entire sales process. From the moment your customer lands on your website, they’re able to find the information they need, request or purchase treats, and get in touch if they have questions.

Do what you love. With Castiron, you'll have more time to focus on perfecting your craft, growing your business, or spending time with family.

Jessica Brady and a testimonial of her business being run with castiron

Loved by our community

Heather Brookshire

The Cake Whisperer


My business would not be the same without my Castiron website! It is an easy setup with lots of customization and tons of support! I am so glad I set up my shop last year before the holidays — it really helped increase my sales!

Amanda McMonigle

The Whimsical Cookie


Castiron provides me a professional site to my customers increasing my credibility and value while giving me the tools to effectively market and manage my business in an easy, user-friendly manner.

Kim Sims

Wesley's Treats Hallie's Sweets


Castiron has made my cottage bakery shine, and my business easy to manage. As a platform they care about my business as much as I do.

Katie Maschoff

Mill City Cooking Company


Before Castiron, I was taking orders really manually, through emails or texts or Facebook. Now I can send customers straight to my website, and I don’t have to worry about missing any details.

Daniella Smith

Oso Good Clean Eats


I couldn't run my business without the Castiron platform. It made it so easy to get my shop up and running — it truly removed a massive barrier to me getting started!

Ali Serpe

Kultured Kombucha


I realized that the barrier of having to DM or text me to order was holding a lot of potential customers back.

Now that I have a professional website and a simple ecommerce checkout, I'm seeing a huge increase in new customers and they appreciate how easy Castiron makes ordering.

A website that gets you.

We're made for custom bakers, so we understand what you need.

To help you get started faster and show off your brand, we created designer website templates that can be customized to match your style.

Collect all the information you need up front. Our order form templates make getting started a piece of cake.

No more lost sticky notes or scrolling back through hundreds of messages. Build a website, manage orders, and get paid with Castiron.

It's like a virtual assistant for your custom baking business.

If you aren’t passionate about the behind-the-scenes of your business, you’re not alone. Let us simplify your entire workflow in a tool made just for custom bakers.

Reduce time spent going back and forth with customers, updating order forms, sending invoices, following up on quotes, and tracking down payments.

Plus, you’re literally not alone. When you use Castiron, you’re joining hands with a community of bakers from around the United States.

Leah Livingston and a 5 star testimonial of her business that is run using the Castiron platform

Castiron is where custom bakers find balance.

Full-time, part-time, balancing a few jobs on the side? No matter the stage of your baking business, you have a lot on your plate. Don't let long nights, early mornings, and being on-call 24/7 distract from the things that matter most. 

Not the best at setting boundaries? Our custom availability calendar can do it for you. Just set your availability and we’ll automatically notify potential customers when you’re unavailable or reaching capacity.

Sick of swimming through endless DMs, emails, and Facebook messages? When you route your customers through your Castiron website, you’re guaranteed to stay organized.

Lisa Gaub and a 5 star testimonial of her home baking business that is run using the castiron business platform

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Start building your website, create your custom order forms, even start taking orders and payments... then decide if it’s for you.

Castiron is the place for custom bakers who want to work on their own terms.

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