Meet the Top 40 Food Entrepreneurs of 2022

July 15, 2023

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October 25, 2022

Food is the universal connector. Everyone eats, and everyone has a connection to food — a story about making cookies at your grandmother’s house as a child, a memory of sharing a special meal with a friend, celebrations of life accompanied by delicious bites. 

We all want to serve great food to the people we love. Some people go beyond their inner circle, sharing food that they pour their hearts into with their communities, as businesses.

These special foods and experiences can’t be duplicated. If these cookies, cakes, charcuterie boards, meals, or other treats weren’t being made by the person who created the recipe, they wouldn’t be the same.

They wouldn’t have the passion and love of the creator in them. 

They just wouldn’t taste as good.

We asked our community to send us the food entrepreneurs that are making a difference in their community — delighting their friends, families, neighbors, and community members with their incredible culinary talents. 

These people are charting a new path of entrepreneurship. One that’s built on their terms, done their way, making something they love.

These are the Top Food Entrepreneurs of 2022.

Category: Baked Goods + Sweets

Abby Richardson of Rich Confections

Headland, Alabama

Website | Instagram

“From her Miss Peanut cookies to her cute custom cookies, I love everything that Abby does! Her cookies (and cakes too!) are just to die for. I love seeing her grow her business, sell out of her products, and fill up her custom order slots!”

Alisa Woods of Sift n Sprinkle

Des Moines, Iowa

Website | Instagram

“Sift n Sprinkle has a style and aesthetic that is unique to her, using new techniques and resurrecting old ones in a unique and modern way. Sift n Sprinkle is also low-waste: she created dessert trays to incorporate items she could use leftover egg yolks from her macarons for, and to reduce her food waste and bake in bulk. The trays took off and are now one of her signature items. Sift n Sprinkle also created Elton John's 75th birthday cake for him when he visited Iowa this year. The venue contacted her with a vision and she brought it to life with her own creative spin.”

Barbara Williford of Royalty Sweet Shoppe

Shreveport, Louisiana


“This entrepreneur has been serving her community for over 11 years. She strives for quality products and excellent customer service. She also gives back to her community through sponsorship and donations.”

Christina Marquez of Twisted Sifters Baked Goods

Antioch, Illinois

Facebook | Website

“She is always on top of her game! Very professional, and everything she makes is delicious! She is a loving mother and hardworking baker, and her love shines through in everything that she makes.”

Elizabeth Veltrie of Pour Some Sugar On It

Trumbull, Connecticut

Instagram | Website

People’s Choice Award Winner

“Elizabeth is one of the hardest working people I know, and she’s a mother of three. I always want my friends to follow their passion and she’s finally doing that for herself with her cookie business. Not only are they delicious and adorable — but to me, they represent her taking a chance in life to follow her dreams. She started with one order every couple of months to hundreds of cookies weekly!”

Emily Vanlandingham of The School Bakery

New Orleans, Louisiana

Instagram | Website

People’s Choice Award Winner

“Emily Vanlandingham works hard to rework our food system and create businesses like TSB that make life easier for parents! The School Bakery enables parents to order their children’s classroom and birthday party celebrations online, and she bakes and delivers them directly to their schools. At this point post-pandemic, we think parents are just really happy that someone is handling this one thing for them, albeit small, but oh so important. She genuinely enjoys organizing and creating meaning and community with her work. Her cupcakes are also incredibly delicious!”

Eric & Denise Steilberger of Fudge de Fuge

Ocala, Florida

Instagram | Website

“They have the best fudge we've found anywhere in the States! Melts in your mouth and blesses your soul. They make a delicious product and spend time with their customers getting to know them. They are always thinking of others and ministering to their needs.”

Hana Nguyen of Hanamade Cookies

Dallas, Texas

Instagram | Website

“She started her business during the pandemic and it’s grown nonstop! Her cookies are just so beautiful, and it’s no wonder that she books up so fast! I love seeing her work on my Instagram feed.”

Hannah of Frosted Art by Hannah

Eagle Lake, Florida


“I love following Hannah on Instagram, because her cookies put a smile on my face! The name ‘frosted art’ is so true! I hope to be able to make it to Florida and order cookies from her one day.”

Ifesinachi Nwatarali of La Maison Bon Appetit

Edmonton, Alberta


“She makes delicious desserts and takes care to make sure all her clients are happy. She truly has something for everyone, and she is a kind business owner.”

Jackie Thesing of Sweet Girl Treats 

Twin Cities, Minnesota


“Jackie shares very creative dessert recipes that taste delicious, but they’re still approachable for the everyday baker!”

Janet Oquendo of Janet’s Bakeshop

Fort Worth, Texas


“Janet is a mom who built her business from nothing. She works so hard every day to put out quality products that make the community come together and that make people happy. Janet’s Bakeshop desserts are amazing.”

Jena of Jena Cakes

Salt Lake City, Utah


“Seriously the sweetest human being, and such a talented cake designer. I don’t know how she makes the designs that she does, but she does such a great job. She even shares her expertise with others and puts on amazing classes. I’m on team Jena!”

Jessica Conrad of Jess Bakes

Omaha, Nebraska


“Jess’s cookies are so detailed and beautiful. She’s like a cookie superhero, whatever you want, she can make happen for you! She is so good at decorating and matching themes, and her cookies are good!”

Katie Hicks of Katie's Cookie Co

El Paso, Texas


“She is so good at creating something special for her customers. I love working with Katie because she is creative and has an eye for design, making everything look really classy. Plus, she is just so kind!”

Lakisha Pennyman of Guilty Pleasure Desserts

Orlando, Florida

Instagram | Website

People’s Choice Award Winner

“Lakisha makes AMAAAAAAZIIIING cakes and cupcakes which are so delicious and savory with each bite. She provides great customer service and takes great pride in presentation which is a big plus in my book! I have watched Ms. Kisha build her business from the beginning. She is dedicated to her craft and exemplifies excellent customer service at all times.”

Leah Livingston of Yaya’s Sweet Treats

Kenosha, Wisconsin

Instagram | Website

“Leah is an incredible artist and friend. She has done an incredible job growing her cookie business — so much so that she’s decided to go pro and pursue this full time! I can’t wait to follow along with her success.”

Liz Reed of The Pumpkin Patisserie

Warsaw, Indiana


“I don’t know how Liz is so good at making so many different kinds of desserts, but she is amazing! Her macarons are so light and her cakes are what I hope are at every event I go to. She’s the best mom and baker!”

Lexie Auslund from Colony House Cookies

North Dallas, Texas

Instagram | Website

“Lexie is creating such an incredible business, and it’s so fun to watch it grow. She truly gets joy out of creating and sharing amazing cookies with her customers. She is just the best!”

Lucy Prewitt Mullins of Let Luce Bakery

Dallas, Texas

Instagram | Website

“Lucy’s macarons have seriously made my life better, not even being dramatic. Her work is so lovely and tasty. I love learning from her on Instagram and seeing all of her creative creations come to life!”

Mariah Johnstone of Edible Art by Mariah

Rochester, New York

Instagram | Website

“Mariah’s cookies are truly edible works of art. Their growth and improvement in just a year has been amazing to watch, and I can’t wait to see what’s next.”

Marina Procopio of Miss Brigadeiro

Aubrey, Texas


“Marina deserves to win a Top Food Entrepreneur Award because she is so talented, and she needs to show the world that Brazilian treats called brigadeiros are delicious! She’s a first-time mom and she works super hard to own a business while being a great mother.”

Maurice “Chef Blaque” Shelton of Black Rose Pastries

Gary, Indiana

Instagram | Website

“He is an amazingly resourceful business owner who is deeply invested in his community through youth outreach and engagement. Chef Blaque is as talented and courteous as they come. He does plenty for his community as well as his family. He is dedicated and his spirit and energy is unmatched.”

Melissa Stoll of Rainbow Narwhal Cookie Company

Noblesville, Indiana

Instagram | Website

“Melissa works harder than anyone I know and puts so much thought and love into everything she makes. Her cookies are beautiful AND delicious, which can be hard to find!”

Michaela Bourgerie of Bouge Cookie Co

Noblesville, Indiana


“Michaela’s work is STUNN.ING. It’s crazy to me that she makes this stuff from home, because it looks like a work of art! I love supporting her small business!”

Mike Skyring of Men Bake Cookies

South Lyon, Michigan

Facebook | Website

“Mike’s cookies are delicious, amazing flavors! It’s hard to find a business that combines creativity and taste, and he does so expertly.”

Mimi Chonnipa of BlissPoint Bakery

Chicago, Illinois


“When I first saw my cake from BlissPoint, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Mimi is so talented, and her work is amazing. She has a background in pastry, so it’s not really a surprise, but her work is top notch and so realistic.”

Olina Bishop of Le Brownie Bae

Houston, Texas


“This person deserves to be nominated because she works consistently to produce the best plant based brownies in Houston! Olina gives great customer service, she’s friendly, and she makes delicious food!”

Rebecca McBride of Batch Please Cookie Co.

Rio Grande Valley, Texas


“Her talents and business have grown tremendously over the past year. Rebecca’s business is really taking off and I can’t wait to see where it goes!”

Shelley Pieri of SheShe Treats

Houston, Texas

Facebook | Website

“Shelley is an amazing, creative and talented bakery chef! She is a hard-working mother of two who spends her nights baking and still keeps her girls on track with school and activities. Plus, her treats are delicious!” 

Stephanie Smith of Jam Cottage Bakery

Independence, Missouri


“She makes over a dozen different flavors of cookies every week for the Independence Farmers Market. She always has a warm smile for all of her customers, and makes everyone feel special. Some of her flavors are super unique, and everything is delicious!”

Stephanie Uittenbogaard of Fifi’s Patisseries

Loveland, Colorado 

Instagram | Website

“Stephanie started her business this year. That took a lot of motivation and effort! She’s sharing her pastry talents with the community, and they are responding! Her macarons are out of this world.”

VitaMaria LoDuca of Vita's Cakery

Macomb, Michigan


“Vita’s cakes are pieces of art that take any event to the next level. Her design style is so classy and elevated, and the taste of her cakes backs up the design. They’re beautiful and delicious. I recommend her to everyone I know.”

Category: Prepared Foods

Casey Fessler of Mama Tried Meal Prep

Colorado Springs, Colorado


“Casey is a solo entrepreneur who donates her extra meal prep to local food banks for the homeless weekly. She also makes them specialty items to make sure they feel loved.”

Chef Alain Lemaire of Sensory Delights

Miami, Florida

Instagram | Website

“In the last 10 years Chef Lemaire has grown his personal brand and catering company to be one of the premier catering services for clients ranging from the president of Haiti to universities to those wanting to elevate their everyday celebrations.”

Emily Jacobs of Fancy Snacks Charcuterie

Kenosha, Wisconsin

Instagram | Website

“Emily is a one-woman show and a loving mom who creates incredible boards of art. Her charcuterie boards are like the cherry on top of any special event, and her passion for her work shows through in everything she does!”

Karla Ahmed of Brie Grazing Boards

San Francisco, California


“I love seeing Karla’s business grow. Her grazing boards and charcuterie cones are incredible tasting and look beautiful. She started her business and balances business and mom life masterfully!”

Kelly of OverBoard Charcuterie

Huntington Beach, California


“She makes the most creative charcuterie, from classic cheese boards to candy boards and everything in between! I love supporting her small business.”

Kim of Charcuterie & Things

Long Island, New York

Instagram | Website

“Kim is a true creative. Her charcuterie boards and boxes are both beautiful and delicious. Maybe most importantly, though, she’s an amazing advocate for women in her community. She embodies the phrase ‘community over competition.’”

Leslie Pecoraro of MOTHERBOARD Charcuterie

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Instagram | Website

“When I found Motherboard it was like a dream come true! She makes the most beautiful and creative charcuterie boards, and she’s great at working with any themes you may have. I can’t imagine an event without a charcuterie board, and Leslie’s are so great.”

Mary Rodriguez of On Board Charcuterie

Orange County, California


“If I could eat one of her charcuterie boards every day, I would. Everyone knows that charcuterie boards are a great visual asset to a party, and Mary is so good at setting them up creatively. They look good and taste great!”

About the Author
Emily Brungard

Growth Marketing Manager, Castiron

Emily is a sister, a friend, a cook, a world traveler, an interior design lover, and Growth Marketing Manager at Castiron. A career startup marketer, Emily has firsthand experience growing small businesses with marketing.

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