Take Better Food Photos: Tips From a Photography Expert

May 2, 2023

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May 3, 2023

Mandy Gleason, CEO of Replica Surfaces, joins Camp Castiron for a session on food photography. Get easy tips to take better food photos in under twenty minutes. You can get 20% off your Replica Surfaces purchase now through May 10 with the code CASTIRON20!

Mandy Gleason is the CEO of Replica Surfaces. Before launching Replica in 2018, she wasn’t a photographer. She was a former Canadian television actor, was working a full-time job, and unexpectedly needed to take high-quality product photos despite having almost no photography or styling experience. In her spare time after work, Mandy designed a product in hopes of creating a second income stream and needed to photograph the prototype. She didn’t have good natural light in her apartment and her kitchen countertop wasn’t the right look. What she needed was a lightweight, realistic backdrop she could photograph outside or next to a window. She decided to scrap the other product and set out to create the backdrop she had been looking for, and the Replica story began.

Watch the full session from Camp Castiron below: 

About the Author
Emily Brungard

Growth Marketing Manager, Castiron

Emily is a sister, a friend, a cook, a world traveler, an interior design lover, and Growth Marketing Manager at Castiron. A career startup marketer, Emily has firsthand experience growing small businesses with marketing.

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