Building & Growing
a Sustainable Baking Business You Love


Join us for business growth stories from bakers and a sneak peek at all the latest and greatest from Castiron!

FEB 21st - 12 EST

Baked to Last:
How to Build a Sustainable Baking Business You Love

An event for all bakers who want to build and grow their businesses while avoiding burnout, unnecessary financial strain, disparate and inefficient systems, and doing business alone!

Learn how to create long-term success on February 21st - 12 EST

  • Session 1: "How to Be the Boss You Deserve"
  • Session 2: "Boundaries in Baking: How Saying ‘No’ Can Unlock Business Growth"
  • Session 3: "How Self-Serve Porch Pop-Ups Can Help You Stress Less"

Sari Kimbell

Food Business Success

Amanda Schonberg

Baking for Business

Melissa Fryer

Build a Better Bakery


Mark Josephson
CEO + Founder, Castiron

Your sustainable baking business awaits.

Beat Baker Burnout in 2024

Set Yourself Up for Success
Learn how to use the right tools and systems to streamline your workflow. Do more in less time.

Love What You Do
More baking, less admin work. Learn how saying "no" and prioritizing you can actually unlock business growth.

bake it till you make it