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How to Find the Perfect Cake Website Template

If you are starting a home bakery business, chances are you are getting into it because you love to bake and you are really good at it.

Maybe you are already known as the go-to baker for a beautiful wedding cake. Or you are the baker moms want for their children's whimsical birthday cakes.

For sure, you want to spend your time developing textures and flavors and eye-catching designs. You don't want to spend endless hours figuring out what to do with a cake website template or how to take a wedding cake order online.

But the simple fact is, every home bakery business needs to take advantage of a free bakery website template. There are aspects of cake shop website design that only a professionally designed cake shop website template or dessert website template takes into consideration. Here are the most important features.

Top 3 Reasons to Seek Out the Right Cake Website Template

1. Word of mouth is great for starting your business, but you need a website to expand your business

A website makes it easy for customers who love your cakes to let their friends know about you. They don't even have to upload a photo. They can just email a link to your site. A simple cake website is a great place to showcase photos of your best work. Even better, a Google tool called local search can direct potential customers who live nearby to your website when they are searching for custom cake bakers.

2. The right sweet shop website template helps you reach all kinds of customers

How do you share a photo of a beautiful, delicious, enticing cake with someone who gets their information by listening rather than by seeing your website?

It turns out that Google has a solution for that problem. The right sweet shop website builder will prompt you to enter the descriptions (they are called alt text) that tell Google what is in all the photos of your gorgeous cakes. Your website builder will have an accessibility tool that helps you reach more customers than you ever imagined.

3. A website helps you build your brand

Your goal in building a brand is for people to take one look (or one taste) of your cake and know that you baked it. When people think of great cakes, they will think of you. Your website template can make that task easier for you.

Every good cake website template, free or paid, will let you choose themes and colors. A consistent look across your website and your Instagram feed and your Pinterest pins plus all the great reviews you get on social media becomes your brand.

With time, if you handle your website consistently, building it a page or two at a time, people will recognize your cakes just from looking at a photo. They won't even have to look at your name to know that you were the baker of those wonderful cakes.

What else can your website template do for you?

Your website can become your storefront. You can use your website to take orders, and to get paid up front. Your website tools can also enable you to take credit cards and debit cards so you never have to worry about cash and checks. This function also ensures that you always get paid for all your hard, creative work.

Your website can minimize interruptions in the kitchen. You can train your customers to stay in touch with you through your website contact form. That way you won't be pressed to answer the phone with flour on your hands and you won't have to answer urgent calls while you are transporting your masterpiece to its final location.

Your website, of course, doesn't eliminate customer contact. You wouldn't want that! It just makes it a lot more manageable.

Every website can have an FAQ. Your website can cut down on the number of times you have to answer the same questions. And optimizing your website for Google search can deliver your ideal customers, the people who will inspire your best work and who will enjoy your cakes the most.

Does this sound like a lot of work? Are you concerned that you won't have time to build your website, or that you will have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to a website pro?

The truth is, even the best cake website template will require a few hours to set up at first. Complying with state and local regulations can add an hour or so to the process.

But once you have your cake website up and running, it just takes an hour or two a week to add new content, and maybe a few additional hours to take all your incoming orders.

Every cake business needs a website! Click here to start building your own!

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