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Jennifer Wyatt

Jennifer Wyatt

Alabaster, Alabama

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Jennifer Wyatt is a talented Cookie Artist and Certified Cottage Baker based in Alabaster, AL. With a nut-free kitchen, Jennifer bakes delicious treats that are safe for everyone to enjoy. Local pickup is available for her delectable creations, which include custom cookie sets for various occasions such as birthdays, bridal luncheons, and housewarmings. Jennifer's attention to detail is evident in every cookie, as she starts each set with a custom sketch. You can follow her on social media to see cookie decorating videos and more exciting reveals. Recently, Jennifer shared some of her delightful creations on social media. She posted a set of bear-shaped cookies for a baby shower, along with butterfly-shaped cookies for a bridal luncheon last summer. Her designs feature vibrant colors that perfectly match the theme of each event. Jennifer also shared her love for the design process, inviting her followers to see more of her custom sketches. Additionally, she congratulated the Armstrong family on their first home with a special set of housewarming cookies. If you're in the Alabaster area and looking for beautifully decorated cookies, don't miss out on Jennifer Wyatt's amazing creations.

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Alabaster, Alabama

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