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Heather Baird

Heather Baird

Birmingham, Alabama

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Heather Baird is a talented baker and blogger known for her website She is also a cookbook author and expert in creating delectable candies. Heather has a particular love for classic pastries, layer cakes, and rainbow sprinkles. Her recent posts showcase her creativity with spooky Halloween treats like a hauntingly beautiful chocolate cake with coffee ganache and a skull topper, as well as delightful fall-inspired recipes such as pumpkin snickerdoodle bars and apple fritter bread. With her easy-to-follow recipes and mouthwatering creations, Heather captures the essence of each season in every bite. Heather's latest creation, Apple Sticky Buns, is a sure hit among baking enthusiasts. Made with apple butter, shredded tart apples, and pecans, these sweet yeast buns are truly irresistible. What sets them apart is the glaze, which is made with apple juice, brown sugar, and butter, without any corn syrup. This recipe allows for easy pre-assembly, making it perfect for a fresh morning treat. Heather's passion for fall baking and her talent for crafting delightful pastries shine through in every recipe she shares on her blog and in her cookbook.

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Birmingham, Alabama

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