From “Just An Idea” to a Full Fledged Entrepreneur

January 10, 2024

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December 6, 2023

Your business path isn’t going to be a straight line. But that’s okay! Just because you have one job doesn’t mean you’re trapped in that industry forever! For example, the masterful Sari Kimbell has been everything from a schoolteacher to working at the family farm to the Marketing Director and buyer for Whole Foods Market and she is still not tied down to a single title. From 1:1 and group coaching through her membership with Fuel to her online courses and her conversational, easy-to-read book, Sari has the resources to help you boost your business out of the brainstorming bubble and into actuality. She has made strides at helping people take their vaguest dreams and create their businesses through her company Food Business Success® and the Master Your Business program. In her episode of Castiron Bites, Sari Kimble joins us to unveil her secrets to success in the food industry.

“Get In the River”: Journeying Into Entrepreneurship

The paralysis of perfectionism is an entrepreneur's greatest obstacle. Sari talks about how entrepreneurs need to overcome their fear of imperfection and embrace the concept of getting into the river. While potentially self-explanatory, this very visual metaphor emphasizes the importance of taking action, getting wet, and learning through the experience by just jumping into the flow. But getting into the river doesn’t mean you can leave logic behind. Sari also emphasizes the importance of “working backwards,” a concept that she views as one of the key ingredients of entrepreneurial success.

Working Backwards & Other Coaching Philosophies

The concept of working backward is inspired by Stephen Covey's advice that he outlines in his book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” in which Habit 2 is “Begin with the End in Mind.” This mindset is a crucial aspect of Sari's coaching philosophy. It involves envisioning the ultimate success of the business and then identifying the steps needed to achieve that vision. This approach helps entrepreneurs stay focused and make strategic decisions. Sari also highlights that a key part of her coaching philosophy revolves around the importance of helping clients define their vision and challenging them to think beyond their initial expectations. She encourages embracing a mindset of reinvention and not being afraid to embark on the transformative journey of becoming a business owner.

Embrace Reinvention

Reinvention is not only about transforming a business but also about evolving as an individual. Sari encourages entrepreneurs to embrace the concept of reinvention, allowing themselves to become the CEO of their business. This may involve leaving the comfort zone, facing potential judgment, and navigating the uncertainties of entrepreneurship. But embracing reinvention alone isn’t all the tactical advice for budding entrepreneurs she has. Sari emphasizes the importance of avoiding analysis paralysis and the pursuit of perfection. Instead, she advocates for launching a minimally viable product (MVP) to test ideas and gather valuable feedback.

Dream Big. Take Action.

Your ideas are valuable and worth taking big steps for. Through envisioning success and boldly stepping into the realm of entrepreneurship, you have all the tools necessary to take your brainstorm and make it a thriving business reality! Food Biz Success and Sari Kimbell’s coaching prove just that. With a focus on action, strategic thinking, and personal growth, entrepreneurs can find inspiration and practical advice in Sari’s teachings and dive into that river headfirst!

To learn more about Sari’s work, visit and, for Castiron members, get your FREE copy of her book with the link: and start developing your ideas into businesses.

You can watch Sari’s full Castiron Bites episode below and don’t forget to tune in to YouTube every Wednesday at 12 PM ET for the next episode of Castiron Bites!

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